Books for Kids Project

RESTLESS minds of sick children anxiously waiting in doctors' surgeries will soon be put at ease thanks to a book drive led by the Bundaberg Rotaract team.

The members of the group have been collecting and distributing books to the waiting rooms of GP clinics across Bundaberg.

This thoughtful project has been the brainchild of Megan Waldock, a teacher and member of Bundaberg Rotaract for the past two years.

Ready to feed the Mud Army!

Thanks to all those who have volunteered for our crew over the weekend!! We are going to have a busy day, but the guys in the muck need all the help they can get!! Wish us luck coping with the smell and the devastation - We are all doing our part to help put our town back together!Also, best of luck to Marc Doohan, one of our members who will be checking out his family home in the exclusion zone sometime tomorrow...

Bundaberg Floods 2013

Bundaberg is currently experiencing the highest flood of the Burnett River on record. Most of our members are ok, high and dry for the most part (some workplaces and some of our close friends were hit, some of us lost power as well).

We are currently in the midst of assisting with what we can with the Bundaberg Flood event, mostly at the local evacuation centres, as more than 4000 people are displaced from their normal place of residence.

Trio loves helping others

Article by Sandy Curtis, as published in the Newsmail on the 26 March 2012

“I got called Barbecue Queen because that was my fifteenth fundraising barbecue in the last three years,” Alicia Otto laughed as she described the sausage sizzle run by Rotaract at the Library up-grade celebrations.

Alicia, Tim Sergiacomi and Chris Krebs are members of the Rotaract Club of Bundaberg, part of the younger arm of Rotary International.

Under-30s keen to Make a Change


27 JUNE 2012

Rotaract is a club of young adults aged 18-30 who seek to help in the community, learn new skills and enjoy friendship with one another. Rotaract stands for Rotary in Action. Bundaberg’s Rotaract club is part of a worldwide organisation of 207,000 individuals in 9,000 clubs covering 163 countries/geographic areas.

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